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Legendary VI: Legendary Armor $4.00
Publisher: Purple Duck Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/26/2012 10:08:12

Like earlier installments in the 'Legendary' series, the basic premise is that some of the best magic items - the sort that feature in bardic songs up and down the land - grow with the hero that uses them. This time, it is a selection of armours: each complete with backstory and a wealth of detail that means the item might well be the focus of a whole adventure itself, never mind the legends that will grow up around you once you have got your paws on it and begin to use it in your own adventures.

Perhaps the Battlecaster Armour takes your fancy. Light, and embued with mystical forces, it doesn't impede spellcasting and is inconspicuous enough to go under your clothes. Or perhaps that tatty suit of mismatched padded armour that once belonged to a prince who had a social conscience has caught your eye... it enables you to provide food and drink as well as protecting you from harm.

Less pleasant is a spiky suit of armour that seems to drink the very blood of your opponents; while more pleasant folk might prefer Champion's Armour or a breastplate bearing a glowing open hand that confers the ability to heal... there is a wide range of different items to suit all sorts, to inspire all manner of adventures.

Because that is where the real strength of this work lies. Not just in well-crafted magic items, but in the stories woven around them, presented in general enough terms that you can weave them into your own plots, embedding these items into your ongoing story, not just having them sit in a hoard until a bunch of adventurers come by, killing monsters and taking their stuff.

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Legendary VI: Legendary Armor
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