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Dark Heresy: The Chaos Commandment $24.95 $12.50
Publisher: Ulisses Spiele
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 03/29/2012 23:44:21

'The Chaos Commandment' is, simply put, 40K at its' finest. Out of the three game lines from Fantasy Flight, I have always preferred 'Dark Heresy' for the tone of the game and the fact that the characters are often simple denizens of the forty-first millennium. It is from this perspective that the horror that is core to this system can bubble to the surface.

The first two instalments of this series were lively, spectacular romps through the 40K universe, hinged on classic icons of the setting that lent a feeling of dark gothic sci-fi infused with an almost Cthuhlu-like feeling of dread.

The themes of 'Church of the Damned' are continued in this tome, and any fans of the Eclesiarchy and the cult of the God-Emperor will find plenty to sink their proverbial teeth into. The authors have taken one of the most blasphemous possibilities and made it the focus of the final story arc - anyone truly immersed in their character (especially as an Agent of the Inquisition) will hopefully respond in appalled outrage. The role-playing possibilities are incredibly rich for the final scenes, especially in terms of the mop-up from this operation.

There is a strong action-adventure mood to all three interlocking adventures, from the assault of the Hive world (which offers characters the chance to 'get tactical', take command of squads and hijack vehicles in the service of the Inquisition). Those looking to indulge in high-octane, military/James Bond action sequences need look no further. this continues the tradition of 'Church of the Damned' which opens with a Valkyrie-assisted assault and I get the feeling that the designers have played through this several times before offering a final product - and have obviously made little tweaks along the way to ratchet up the excitement level. This military bent is present in subsequent scenes, especially the final assault, and the cast of units in the battle lend an epic feel to the culmination of the series.

It is a difficult product to review in-depth without giving too much away, but rest assured that Fantasy Flight have capped this series off well. I mentioned in my review of Part 2 that I hoped it would end 'with a bang, and lots of fire' and someone at Fantasy Flight was obviously listening - and delivered.

I've found this trilogy to be much more exciting, horrifying and immersive than the 'Haarlock Legacy' trilogy, despite the high production value and attention to detail shown in the latter. The writers have hit their stride with this newest trilogy, embraced the 40K universe whole-heartedly and added - in my opinion - something which resonates as strongly as any GW canon.

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Dark Heresy: The Chaos Commandment
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