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GM's Software Bundle [BUNDLE]
Publisher: NBOS Software
by Gregory M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/30/2012 18:05:15

It isn't very often that I find software that I really like, and then, when it is offered in a bundle, great!

The Keep is the main reason that I purchased the bundle. NBOS has a demo that you can download and try it out. The software allows you to enter your content, and that can be anything from an image to a pdf, into it's database. I quickly immersed myself into the program, and found it much easier to author and revise my campaign content. You quickly get used to the idea of authoring content in granular topics and hyperlinking them.

Traditional layout programs are useful, up to a point, that being where you add content and the flow gets horribly disturbed. With The Keep you avoid all that. The Keep goes well beyond a normal word processor and allows you to integrate NBOS wonderful Inspiration Pad Pro generators, which allow you to randomly generate content from tables. There is a bit of a learning curve for IPP but the time spent is well invested. The Keep also integrates NBOS other software, some of which is free like the Character Sheet Designer, so you get a suite of usable tools.

I highly recommend trying the demo out in order to find out if this is the campaign management software you've always wanted. In my case, I wish I'd had this years sooner. Users can share their .keep files and import their friends files into their own DB. You can export to HTML, print to PDF, save files out to RTF, and control what secret information is in that output so your players only see what you want them to see.

Fractal Mapper 8 I have yet to fully explore. The demo from NBOS is limited in that you can't save your work. However I was impressed enough while using the demo to consider purchasing the bundle. I am familiar with Adobe Illustrator, and ACD Canvas, and FM8 beats them in price by a wide margin! FM8 can use both vector and raster art. That is, drawn lines and pictures.

I"m very happy with my purchase.

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GM's Software Bundle [BUNDLE]
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