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The Yaurcoan Empire $2.49
Publisher: Gun Metal Games
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/31/2012 11:35:02

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The Yaurcoan Empire is a 23 page supplement released by Gun Metal Games for their Totems of the Dead setting for Savage Worlds. The region described within the book lies south of the Maztlani lands, and its settlements lie all around the Andred mountains (about where Peru is on a real map).

The book is split up into seven sections. The first half covers general information for the “Mountain Empire”. Areas of focus include architecture, agriculture, religion, peoples, and settlements. The second half of the book is primarily GM information and includes a couple of new edges, a new power, prominent npc’s, a bestiary, and an adventure.

At 23 pages this title is a pretty light entry. Having said that, what’s presented is thorough and useful at the table provided you are going to run your players through the region. The pdf sports a 2 column layout and is layered to facilitate printing. The black and white interior is easy to read and the included art is awesome.

Content wise this book carries on with drawing inspiration from the rich native cultures that are the real world counterparts to the fictional peoples presented in the game. Flavor is drawn heavily from this cultural source forge and then recombined into an inspiring assortment of useful game materials.

I’m happy to see Gun Metal Games releasing support material for Totems. I’d have loved to have seen a heftier book that covered more ground, but this book accomplishes what it sets out to do. With any luck these releases will continue and support for this great setting will stay strong!

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The Yaurcoan Empire
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