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Quantum Sliders: Arabian Nights $0.00
Publisher: Savage Mojo
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/04/2012 07:09:39

Both Savage Worlds and Suzerain are written for this: the epic time-spinning adventure that sweeps characters into a maestrom of delights that mix fantasy, fiction and history into a swirling series of events that have the potential to turn into real magic in the hands of a determined and focussed bunch of players. And coming from Savage Mojo, it looks good into the bargain!

Set in a heady mix of fact and fantasy just over a thousand years ago, just how your characters end up on Karkadann is left up to you - or at least, you need a plausible region for why a djinn comes to wherever it is they are at the moment to ask for their help - but once they get there they will find interesting people to talk to and a lot of intrigue just pleading for them to get mixed up in it. There's the potential to annoy some powerful people, powerful beings even, and it will be a lucky as well as skilful party that manages to leave everyone satisfied.

This adventure is the first in a series intended to take characters to exotic fantastical locations at pivotal points. You may chose to use these as interludes in a campaign, or build a whole campaign around them. Whichever you decide upon, your characters will be in for some challenging, intriguing and memorable adventures.

Just watch out for swirling smoky wood-scented breezes!

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Quantum Sliders: Arabian Nights
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