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For the Love of Dungeons Pay What You Want
Publisher: Planet Thirteen
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 04/05/2012 12:32:52

This product isn’t what I expected. Based on the cover and the description, I expected full-page dungeon drawings annotated with story ideas. I got the hand-drawn dungeons and the story idea annotations, but after the cover the dungeons are actually very small, and each one occupies less than 1/2 of the page on which it appears. Almost half of the page is just a grid of light blue squares intended for you to write notes—an absolute waste of space, in my opinion. Each page has a nice quotation about dungeons, but this isn’t a coffee-table book. I waffled between giving this product two stars and giving it three; in the end, I rounded up to three because the dungeons and their annotations could spark some fun story ideas. “For the Love of Dungeons” is definitely not worth the original price of $5.00, but it could repay a $1.00 (the current price as of this review) if you need a quick imagination boost.

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For the Love of Dungeons
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