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Supernatural: The Hunt Begins $0.00
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Bruce F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/08/2012 21:33:03

Like many Quick Start Rules, it maintains what I have grown to expect as the standard layout of explanation for any RPG system. It starts with detailing what an RPG is specifically with respect to Supernatural itself.

It details the difference between players and the person who runs the game is, often called the game master. Think of the Game Master as a referee of sorts. It gives a pretty decent description of the basic rules and how they work together to determine the results of a character's actions and what one needs to actually play the quick-start system and the adventure therein.

Unlike a number of Quick Start Rules, they keep the overall amount of rules explained cut down. All of the above is covered in about six pages and then is followed by an example of play to give new players to RPGs or this specific set of game mechanics an idea of how it all interacts.

The adventure gives you a nice taste of what Supernatural is about while also avoiding rehashing plots from the show so even avid fans of the show won't necessarily be able to grab any spoilers from having watched every episode to date though there are a few episodes that might send them off on a red herring.

While the adventure can be used with characters you have created from the core book, four pre-generated characters are provided including character sheets for Sam and Dean Winchester, the main characters from the television series.

I enjoyed this product. As a fan of the show, of any show that has been turned into a RPG I am often wary of the end result as there have been some collosal let downs but this pdf was far from a disappointment and because of it I will be investing in this line and plan to purchase the other books soon.

[5 of 5 Stars!]