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Into The Pit 1 - Room Starter Set $0.00
Publisher: Forever People
by David W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/24/2012 19:52:53

OMG! This set is AMAZING! It is packed with pages upon pages of some of the best artwork imaginable. The graphics and textures are better than any of this type I have seen. I printed of a few of the pages, and was so impressed, I had to print them all (and some like the hallways) several times.

There were a few things that I personally didn't care for. There was no consistency between the tiles. Some have 1" squares, and others didn't. The rooms were various sizes, but they don't seem to blend. I would have preferred the rooms been 5"x5", for example, with wallways and passages connected to the rooms themselves. This way, you could build a solid floor, and not have rooms of various sizes.

The biggest issue for me was the lack of a natural flow of the pieces. When you lay them on the table, it looks like beautiful rooms just scattered around. The lack a blending is disturbing, however, the artwork is so good, that you can't complain.

If some pieces are added (like more flexible corridors and hallways) in future sets, I could easily see myself purchasing the entire collection of these tiles.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thanks so much for your review. In order to improve the floorplans could you contact me at chaugnurfaugn AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk and let me know a bit more specifically what it was about the consistency you didn't care for and tell me a bit more about what sort of thing you'd be after in the flexibility of corridors and hallways. I'm looking to overhaul the set to make version 2 and address some of the issues mentioned by reviewers so your feedback would be really helpful. If not, no worries and thanks for your purchase. Hope you get some good use out of the tiles!