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Publisher: Lord Zsezse Works
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 05/01/2012 12:11:53

Decades ago graph paper and imagination were all you needed to get a game together. But as technology got better and immersion moved to the forefront of tabletop RPGs, battlemaps have become a near necessity at a good DM’s table. With cheap projectors and color printers, there’s no reason Dungeon Masters should be rolling out archaic graphic paper. Especially when Lord Zsezse Works is cranking out phenomenally colorful and detailed masterpieces for your PCs to battle in.

The level of detail and cartography in every map puts your players in the world. Their battlemaps are realistic, using rich and multilayered colors in every square. Also, Within every product, the designers go the extra mile of including several versions of the map. They have an online version, perfect for online games or projection based battlemaps, and a version that’s a little more print friendly. Both of these maps are provided with grid and without grids.

Battlemap: Crystal Cave is my favorite dungeon produced by the artists. It is one of the few maps that has depth, in that their are layers on top of layer. I expect cave maps to be fairly boring and mundane, but not here. There is so many rich features (chains attached to layers of the cave, snakes wrapping around the various caverns) that DMs can become inspired for new encounters just by thinking of the possibilities of each area. The great thing about this one is, that is also comes in isometric format. This comes out fairly amazing on a projector or computer screen.

For the Dungeon Master II ran this map last month, purposely creating a spot in the adventure just so I can use it. My players couldn't even believe that I added this as an add-on to the adventure. The various layers of the adventure provided them a vast array of decisions they could use to explore the cavern.

The Iron Word Battlemap: Crystal Cave is fantastical. It is a cave that can only exist in a magical world and perfect for the final dungeon of a magical adversary of the PCs.

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Battlemap - Crystal Cave
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