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Ever noticed how much fantasy fiction - in books or on the screen - involves a lot of travel?

Well, here is a way to make the travel as fantastical as the adventures you have when you arrive at your destination. Here is a collection of lush plans of an 'airship' - not a blimp or other wonder of modern engineering, but something redolant of early D&D Spelljammers, a magical vessel that looks like a ship yet sails through the air... and perhaps even further.

It's beautiful in its own right, too; and provides plenty of scope for adventures aboard. Maybe it will become the focal point of your campaign: your characters may spend their early levels acquiring enough cash to purchase one (or expertise to acquire it by, ahem, other means), then use it to further their ends as they travel the length and breadth of the campaign world. All the traditional 'nautical' roles of military vessel, trade ship, exploration or buccaneering are open to those who have access to a ship like this, and to the magics necessary to make it go.

There's a lot here. The main deck - complete with ballistae to keep pesky pirates away (or, if ethically challenged, to conduct your own assaults on other vessels). Then the captain's cabin (he appears to have been doing well), and then below it officer country, with a lounge and essential sail controls as well as the first officer's cabin. One deck down, and it's where everyone else lives, along with the galley and armoury. Passengers and crew can be accommodated here. Below that, there's the hold. All fully-detailed and ready for your adventures.

If you conduct your games online - or with computer support at the gaming table - there are MapTools files; if you prefer to lay things out in front of your players in hardcopy, there are suitably-scaled printable sheets so that your miniatures (or counters) can be brought into play as necessary.

Just looking at it is spawning ideas... if you relish a touch of the truly fantastic, whether your characters will take a single trip aboard or become sky-farers in their own right, this is well worth considering.

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Fantasy Maps: Airship Map Pack
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