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Ghost in the Graveyard Souvenir Lobby Card Set $1.25
Publisher: Toxic Bag Productions, Inc.
par Megan R. [Critique vedette] Date Ajoutée: 05/04/2012 11:03:04

A delightful conceit... after carefully creating a completely ficticious movie soundtrack so that you can generate the right background and moon for your horror game without distracting players who have seen whatever horror movie whose soundtrack you might otherwise be using...

They give you some movie posters and adverts for the ficticious movie that the soundtrack was porportedly written for!

Even before I've finished listening to the soundtrack - and I tend to use music as background and inspiration when WRITING rather than playing games - this has spawned a plot.

[Looks round for lurking players... nope. All clear]

How about starting a horror game, probably set in some small Mid-West town, by the characters going to see a horror movie? This one, of course. You've got some wonderful handouts here after all. And then... things start to happen. Maybe some of the movie characters come to life, start chasing them around the cinema. Or when they emerge after the screening, they find themselves in the film for real instead of in their own hometown. Or it may be a complete red herring, the one normal thing - catching a movie - that happens in an otherwise twisted horror game...

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Ghost in the Graveyard Souvenir Lobby Card Set
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