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Map of Berem Town $0.00
Publisher: 1191 AD Publishing
by Singh K. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/14/2012 18:21:33

This is worth every penny you paid for it. I'm not sure it was worth the bandwidth expended on downloading it, though. It's simply a picture of a town, what you see on the 'cover' is the whole of the 1-page document. There are numbers over various buildings and a little key at the bottom that tells you important info like, 'smithy', 'marketplace', 'town entrance' (because that's hard to see?), etc. It also tells you that there's a sheriff and some militia. I don't know where the other reviewer found a functional scale because there is none on the picture, there's nothing to tell you how far it is from A to B.

Yes, it's free. Save your bandwidth for a real product.

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Map of Berem Town
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