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Image Portfolio Platinum Edition 07: Storn Cook $9.99
Publisher: LPJ Design
par Joshua G. [Acheteur vérifié] Date Ajoutée: 05/30/2012 09:44:38

One of the best things I can say regarding this addition tot he Portfolio line is that it does not follow the standard stereotype for characters in that we have two gentlemen who are not the "classic" Euro-fantasy type right off the bat, and that is always a good thing to see, as adventures should take players all over a globe, and art is needed to represent far more than one culture.

As always the art level of quality is exceptional, anyone familiar with the portfolio series should know what to expect in regards to style of art, and there is at least one free sample portfolio available for those not in the know to get a feel. Well worth the price, this portfolio gives us two characters with full scenery, something I would love to see more of, as those often times make some of the best layouts in a PDF.

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Image Portfolio Platinum Edition 07: Storn Cook
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