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6d6 Core + Quantum Flux + Cybernetics (1st Ed.) $0.00
Publisher: 6d6 Fireball
by Customer Name Withheld [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2012 03:04:20

So what does Cybernetics add to the existing 6d6 package? What it adds is a whole new range of possibilities for both players and GMs to get stuck into. In particular, what is added is the futuretech that’s needed to expand the core 6d6 rules into.. well, the future.

The expansion book manages to give the reader enough detail about what cybernetics are in both the real world and in the context of the game without resorting to excessive technical detail. This is a worthy achievement as an obvious trap would have been to fill the book with boring boring technobabble. The absence of such nonsense allows the writer space to build up a sample world for GMs to use as fertile ground for their plottings. Though some parliamentarians may find the scenario a little far fetched, the setting has promise and seems ripe for further development should the author wish to make use of the 6d6 living document.

5 new paths cards are provided, covering augmentation of the body, limb, head and skin; as well as a path for those wishing to go for a completely synthetic body. It’s interesting to note that the four augment paths contain no life cards, implying that the cybernetics considered won’t make you actually any harder to kill. The focus is clearly on new abilities but some players may be unhappy that their carefully spent points don’t give them any more of those precious green bordered cards. And of course, given the simplicity of the 6d6 system, these new cards slip seamless into the existing rules with only three new keywords needing to be added.

This of course leads on to a discussion about the art work. As with previous 6d6 projects, the artwork is best described as spartan. There’s been no changes or upgrades for the cybernetics expansion. Indeed, with the exception of the slightly creepy cover photo, there’s no art to be found. If you are of the group that want your RPG’s streamlined and without all that fluffy junk in the way, then as usual, 6d6 don’t disappoint. If however, you’re the type to judge an rpg by the artwork, well, you’re going to be sad.

It is perhaps not surprising then, giving the dry layout, that the writing also seems to be a little dry in places. The writing is presented in good english and in a straightforward manner that all english speakers should be able to follow without issue. The only niggle is that the while the information gets across, it doesn’t have quite that little bit of extra go and flow that makes it pleasurable to read; its functional, not beautiful.

To summarise in an overall way, it’s a worthy addition to the 6d6 product range.

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6d6 Core + Quantum Flux + Cybernetics  (1st Ed.)
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