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#1 With a Bullet Point: 7 Magic Missile Feats $1.00
Publisher: Rogue Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/22/2012 16:10:58

Again stepping up to the four page format, and again marked as a part of the Summer of Bullets, this addition to the Bullet Point series gives us 7 Feats to re-spark some creative juice into that old magical mainstay, the Magic Missile. With two pieces of B&W artwork, one being an Elmore stock the other being a Claudio Pozas piece we get no color art this time, but hey, the Bullet Points really aren't all about the art, so that's all good.

Editing wise, I believe there was a missed usage of the word “to”, and the addition of a stray “w” to the end of the word feats. There is also the unfortunate relic of a copy paste job in that two feats share the same description when they are obviously not the same.

Arcane Missiles allows you to confer the abilities of a magic arrow/bolt to a magic missile (only one in the case of a full volley of missiles). Blinding Missiles allows you to sacrifice from the total amount of missiles you can cast to enhance the remaining missiles with the abilities to dazzle, blind, or cause foes to act as if affected by an obscuring mist spell. Halo of Stars is quite possibly the feat that everyone who buys this PDF is going to be begging their GM's to allow...magic missiles hover and encircle their caster as motes of light, waiting to be targeted and sent off, in whatever numerical configuration you choose. And yes, they operate as a light source while buzzing around you as well. Imbued Force allows you to enhance a melee weapon buy “casting” magic missile into it, allowing the weapon to be used as a force effect, thereby giving it the ability to hit ethereal targets. Legendary Missiles is very much in my opinion simply another version of a Greater version of magic missile, albeit through the usage of a feat instead of a spell. Pressure Points has at the time of this review the description for Blinding Missiles (I can only assume this is a copy/paste type of thing). The feat itself allows for a similar effect as Blinding Missiles, in that sacrificing missiles will get you additional effects for the remaining missiles, this time in dealing with the movement of your target. Targeted Missile allows you to choose to roll an attack for your magic missile volley, thereby giving you access to critical hit options if you succeed with a critical.

So, deciding on where I stand here. Halo of Stars is sheer brilliance, flat out. Arcane, Blinding and Pressure show series potential for irritating my players (lol)....but, this Bullet Point had far more editing issues than I can overlook. So, design wise, easily worth the price of admission folks, and very much recommend, but am going to have to settle on a four when taking it all in to regard, as SGG has for quite some time set the bar when it comes to editing. Now, a quick change and an update, I'll be happy to re-evaluate that last star.

*edit - always like when a publisher listens and is willing to correct a mistake, and with the updated PDF now correcting the Pressure Points Feats, am more than happy to give that last star, making this a 5 star rating.

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#1 With a Bullet Point: 7 Magic Missile Feats
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