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Bag Full of Guns: This Is My Rifle
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Publisher: Crafty Games
by Robert M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/25/2007 05:16:44

If you are running a classical Superspy game, your agents will probably not requisition these weapons.

However, I consider the contents worthwhile for two scenarios: One, if you are running a more military-themed game (and Spycraft's very much at home in crunchy, tactical combat), this will be pure gold for a near-future campaign. Two, if your spies are going up against high-tech masterminds, their minions will likely be packing some of these guns - a nice way to give them some serious firepower.

I would've added a more in-depth look at Land Warrior, but I guess that would be out of place in a pure weapons supplement. Recommended, overall.

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Bag Full of Guns: This Is My Rifle
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