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Advanced Class and NPC $2.99 $1.99
Publisher: Wordcasting Entertainment
by Nathan C. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/28/2012 12:47:19

Many a fan forums are littered with poor iterations of Pathfinder Classes. Most are simple variations on the existing classes. A few are broken monstrosities that are the pipe dreams of a powergaming player. When looking at a new book of classes, I compare it to the fan fiction out there. I can certainly say that Advanced Class and NPC offers a new, yet balanced, take on the Pathfinder class.

The first go around, the art and layout are unimpressive. The hefty PDF is 50 pages long, but with only 4 classes. Those 50 pages, however, are well worth the price. The four classes feel like how all classes should be introduced. Each class gets a good many pages dedicated to new abilities and tactics. It would have been very easy for Wordcasting Entertainment to simply regurgitate something else that exists and point to Paizo’s current catalogue. However, they push for creativity with Advanced Class, giving 4 fresh feeling classes that are very exciting to play.

For the Player My favorite class is the Hunter. Like the other classes, it isn’t just “one” set class. There are multiple ways you can take this class. It does not do the class justice to simply call it a spell less ranger. Instead, this feels like a reimagining of a true nature warrior. A player in my campaign built a bear wrestling trap laying smart talker and it’s very much different than my pistol firing game hunting NPC.

For the Dungeon Master I love that there’s symmetry with each class. Organization leads to balance which leads to happy DMs. Each class is self contained, and allows the writers to balance abilities against one another as opposed to risking the use of existing material. Outside of the Hunter, there is also the Scoundrel, Combat Brute and Battle Commander. Each offers a variety of different play options within each class, and none are like you suspect them to be.

The Iron Word Advanced Class and NPC is a really good supplement for picking some very unique classes. I love that the writers looked at 4 iconic classes, scrapped them and brought an entirely different concept for each to the table.

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