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43 Space Opera Adventure Seeds - Space Opera Support #6 $1.75
Publisher: Polgarus Games
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 06/28/2012 19:06:32

As the product name states, author Jason Anderson gives us here 43 adventure seeds for “space opera” games. Almost all of them could easily be adapted for Star Wars, Traveller, Star Trek, even Serenity or Farscape. If you run any game where travel to various planets is common, you’ll find something useful here. Editor Sarah Badcock let a noticeable number of grammatical errors (mostly having to do with punctuation, such the apostrophe that went missing from “planets starports” on p. 1) make it into the finished product—enough of them got through to annoy a careful reader, but not enough to impede the product’s usefulness.

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43 Space Opera Adventure Seeds - Space Opera Support #6
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