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New Khazan [Tunnels & Trolls] $19.99 $7.25
Publisher: Peryton Publishing
by Chet C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/11/2012 19:14:58

Difficult to review this, as the author has proved hostile to criticism or reviews. Let's just say that Starfaring is a much superior version of Tunnels & Trolls in Space (and there's rumor of another T&T in Space RPG besides NK and Starfaring) and worth hunting down. (If FBI would think about it, they'd turn it into a PDF and sell it here.)

Starfaring permitted - DEMANDED - that one use one's imagination to fill in the blanks to create something unique. New Khazan's background has the feeling of having been there and done that. Derivative without being interesting, I couldn't recommend it.

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New Khazan [Tunnels & Trolls]
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