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RuneQuest 6th Edition
Publisher: Design Mechanism
by David B. S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/13/2012 08:51:21

Simply a well put-together rpg system that contains all a GM or Player needs in one pdf! Highlights include:

  • A setting-generic system. Creative GMs can mold RuneQuest to fit just about any fantasy campaign idea they have.

  • Immersive Character Creation. Being a huge fan of point-buy character creation, RQ fits the bill with a very in depth and fun way to create a character that oozes detail.

  • Passions. A new way to add drive and goals to your character. Also easy for players to relate and express their character's goals.

  • A revised magic system. Almost worth the price of admission alone! The magic is colorful and vibrant. Not just the "same old stuff" gamers have come to expect.

  • Combat Effects. Instead of Maneuvers, we now have effects in combat. Same idea, but much better!

  • Creatures. Not only do we get a decent creature section, but also guides to creating your own monsters!

Overall an rpg for "intermediate" players and game masters, but well worth the learning curve. For those who have yet to try the RQ rpg, now is the time to start!

D. Semmes

[4 of 5 Stars!]