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The Generic Game Master's Helper Pay What You Want
Publisher: Prism Hobbies
by terence h. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/14/2012 05:22:51

im a firm believer in using anything that makes my GM life easier in-game and while prepping adventures. this nice piece of software helps with both.

it offers a simple dice roller, a weather generator, random names, random business names, npc traits, random treasure and random side encounters. heres my thoughts on each...

dice roller : does what it says and easy to use. weather generator : simple descriptive day at a time weather, with seasonal options. random names : outputs were a little too difficult to pronounce most of the time. random business names : choices of taverns & inns, armor & weapons, magic shops or general stores. names outputted seem suitable. npc traits : physical & personality traits. simple & mostly usable. random treasure : choices of small, medium, large or hoard, also gems / jewellry options, choice of coins too. no magic items tho. side encounters : choice of on or off road. seems good descriptive texts, but mostly not worth pc's following up on.

overall a fine piece of software. could it be improved ? of course, such as adding a check for random encounter (ie % chance of encounter in various terrains, not stating what encounter is just yes or no to an encounter) per day. id also give the option of doing a month of weather at a time saved to txt file or copy / paste enabled. also i would change this into a stand-alone executable program, not an installed one as could then be run anywhere on anyones pc or from usb stick without need for full install.

thanks to prism tho, keep up the good work :)

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the great, thorough review. I'm glad you like the program... and someday I may find the time to make some of the improvements that you suggested.
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The Generic Game Master's Helper
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