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Changeling: The Lost
Publisher: White Wolf
by Christopher H. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/17/2012 14:11:48

Changeling the Lost is one of the all time stars of the New World of Darkness.

Changeling the Lost is a book crammed packed with story potential, with some of the creepiest gameplay ever. While other games focus on the horror of what people have become, be it a Vampire, a Werewolf, or a power mad Mage, Changeling looks at the creeping paranoia of a being a Changeling, a person who was taken by the Fae, and who has now return to Earth, some how escaping her captivity.

In the game you play people, taken away by the Fae, for strange reasons, and return to the world changed by their durance. They have new abilities, and have to cope with a world where time has flowed differently to how they have experience it, or worse, where they have been replaced.

A changeling's life then is a struggle to find one's life again, reconciling their strange nature, and dealing with the maddening influence of the Fae on how they now see reality.

The rules themselves are fairly standard for a White Wolf game, with only Pledges being a little tricky. The character options really offer a lot of different ways to play the game, and with so many other rules for exploring dreams, the Hedge, and magical trinkets, you will find it hard to exhaust the book in a single chronicle.

If you want a game where fairytales are real, and very very creepy. This is it.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Changeling: The Lost
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