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Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook
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Publisher: RPG Objects
by Thomas B. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 07/21/2012 04:20:28

WHAT WORKS: It's a very well done Savage Worlds presentation, especially with the combination of re-skinned powers combined with the selection of new Powers. The Mutations and Defects are very cool and well done without adding a ton of extra crunch to the rules. Many of the new Edges are similarly impressive.

WHAT DOESN'T WORK: The Mutants don't seem to be particularly balanced. That is, from a game balance perspective I'm not sure why anyone would pick a Gen 1 over a Gen 2 or a Gen 2 over a Gen 3. The setting isn't anything that just pops out in comparison to other post apocalyptic settings. Very minor complaint, but two of the Edges do require access to the Campaign Guide in order to use (the Artifact Cache Edges).

CONCLUSION: The setting feels fairly standard for the genre, but that could have a lot to do with this just being the Player's book. My tune may completely change with the GM's book. That said, most of the material here seems incredibly easy to strip for any post-apocalyptic Savage Worlds game with sci-fi elements, and the setting does also seem to lack a metaplot which can be a very good thing in many eyes (including my own). Recommended for Savages to at least strip mine the rules material even if they don't want to play around in the Twisted Earth.

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Darwin's World Savage Worlds: Survivor's Handbook
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