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Delta Green $19.98
Publisher: Pagan Publishing
by Gary M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/01/2012 15:17:17

for the modern COC gamer the 1990's handbook was a bit of a let down. In its orginal form it amount to essays, stats for gun nuts and a few scenarios. Of the mythos itself in the 70 odd years since 1920 there was nothing. Humanity moved with the times, not so the great old ones it seemed. Then a few good men decided to do something about it, and gave the modern COC game a twist, tuning into the distrust of government, popularity of the paranormal and UFO's mixed in with some kick ass pop culture. Thus Delta Green was born. Delta Green creates a viable background for having a team of investigators get together, ramps up the fear and paranoia and gives you crediable threats from the mythos. Predating the X files, you dont hunt for the secret government conspiracy, you are it. Its spawned its own series of disturbing fiction (by both its creators and fans alike), sequels and rumour has it its own system is on the way. Groundbreaking in scope, extremely well thought out and wonderfully written DG is a classic work. And now finally available in pdf. Which is a good thing as my original was devoured by shoggoths a long time ago. If your a COC player, or any sort of modern horror fan then miss this at your peril. I cant say a bad thing about it. Pagan are a bunch of well respected gamers who write the stuff gamers want and theres a reason COC gamers talk about DG in awed and almost reverent tones. Now buy this and find out why

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