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58 Dungeons 36 Castles (AoV: Campaign Map Set Value Pack) $12.95 $9.95
Publisher: Stainless Steel Dragon
by Sean D. F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/07/2012 10:21:06

This product was a disappointment. I all honesty I could have made better maps with MS Windows Paint program. The maps are highly pixelated & the fonts look like old MS-DOS system font (on a 16 color monitor). With just a bit of effort these maps could have been so much better. A cleaner font, higher resolution images, etc. I am just very thankful all I am out is the $7.50 sale price. I would never have paid $30.00 (the non-sale list price at the time of my purchase) for this poor a product. I will NOT buy from this seller again. Like the old saying goes: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

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Creator Reply:
The maps are as described (old school) and can easily be previewed at full size. ( As any normal person might do if they are about to spend money on such a product.) Yes these map do show pixels, by design. Each pixel means something. Delete a pixel and you change the thickness of a wall, change they type of lock or trap, remove a secret door, etc.. (The pixel level detail is copyrighted by Stainless Steel Dragon Games for a good reason, and by design.) If you were to try to make these maps in MS Paint, it would take you months if not years to create them. (What is your time worth?) I urge all potential buyers to look at the samples and/or read less bias reviews by other people who can appreciate the details in these maps, and who probably don\'t work for a rival map making company.