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Marvel Heroic Roleplaying: Civil War Fifty State Initiative
Publisher: Margaret Weis Productions
by Phil H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/17/2012 03:24:48

The Fifty State Initiative supplement expands on the Civil War sourcebook, and offers new characters who were mostly at the fringes of that comic book event. While solid enough, this is essentially a roster book of (often) lesser known characters and doesn't really do much to get under the skin of the organisation of its title.

Hero datafiles include some of the Camp Hammond instructors and students as well as many members of Heroes for Hire, Nextwave, and the Thunderbolts. Meanwhile Watcher datafiles make up the majority of the rest of the book covering the Initiative teams of the Great Lakes Champions, Psionex, and the Order. Watcher datafiles for most of Omega Flight and the remainder of Heroes for Hire also make it in. There are a few scenes included for good measure, but not a great deal.

There are a few notable omissions here. Beta Ray Bill has been missed from Omega Flight's write up, and Orka is not included from Heroes for Hire. Also, MWP really need to do something about the pixellation on a lot of the art. Its been noticeable before but is particularly egregious here as the front cover looks fuzzy and the text on the back cover is very unclear. It detracts from the obvious professionalism of the rest of the product.

Overall, this is a decent book and worth the money I paid but doesn't really go beyond surface level on its subject so I'm rating it as distinctly average.

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