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Sticks & Stones - The Free RPG $0.00
Publisher: Nightingale Publishing
by Graeme L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/30/2012 14:38:43

A few first impressions from me upon reading through the PDF:

  1. The layout was pretty good, and most of the information was easily organized (although there were some items I couldn't find in my first readthrough that were rather important). More bookmarks would have helped, but as that's more of a "finished product" type critique and this is still only in beta, it's not like I can criticize it on that.

  2. Again with the problem of it still being in beta: There appears to be some text missing, a few tables are oddly arranged, and there were some grammatical mistakes. Although the intent in the PDF is, by an large, easy to understand, it's still kind of disconcerting when an important part of a sentence is just cut off.

  3. On to the system itself: I love the idea of actually using skills being the way skills increase. I'm not entirely sold on the expression of it, though. I'd have to see how it works in play. In addition, character creation is very long, and there's not a handy guide to the steps at the beginning of character creation (which could lead to problems). Some of the steps could also be consolidated into one — in particular, the "derived milestone" steps could easily be condensed into one step without loss of information or confusing your average player.

  4. Having ages attached to the age categories would be a nice addition, even if it's just human ages.

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Creator Reply:
Thanks for the suggestions Graeme. I'll see if I can take a look at the character creation step and see what I can do to condense and make it more awesome!