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Episode 90 - GenCon 2012: What is the Onyx Path? $0.00
Publisher: White Wolf
by Michael H. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/31/2012 14:05:15

This was the big announcement we had been waiting for. Rich Thomas is Onyx Path Publishing!

Well, it is a bit more complicated than that and there are a lot of great people involved in the next step in White Wolf's evolution but that is the core of the message. Major changes have happened, great things are in store for the future and Onyx Path Publishing is the company that is going to take us there.

More Classic World of Darkness books! More New World of Darkness books! Exalted 3E! Scion 2E! Trinity 2E! Cavaliers of Mars! And more...

Check it out!

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Episode 90 - GenCon 2012: What is the Onyx Path?
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