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HackMaster Basic (free) $0.00
Publisher: Kenzer & Company
by anthony r. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/01/2012 07:51:05

How did Hackmaster get by me all these years without me playing any of the previous editions?! If this new edition (5th) is anything like the past games then I have certainly missed out on a GREAT GAME. I like what I have read so much that I am going to try to get my gaming group to play this instead of our regular 2nd ed D&D game we play. The game system is quite interesting with the "Combat Rose " and the hybrid spell system that uses both spell levels and points for mages. Even the basic abilities make 3d6 seem ok. who needs 17s when 12s will do just fine! Over all HMb seems to be a well-thought out game system that will provide YEARS of FUN

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HackMaster Basic (free)
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