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Publisher: Super Genius Games
by Joshua G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2012 05:03:39

A 12 feat Bullet Point for free?!?! Oh yeah...Megadungeon Delver's Player Options addresses those characters and playgroups that make their living far from the light of day and the support of a community, where certain forms of combat begin to develop in answer to the particulars of the environment they spend so much of their lives within...the biggest, the baddest....the megadungeons!

And pray tell, what do I mean by a megadungeon? Crawls of the nature of DungeonaDay, Rappan Athuk or the World's Largest Dungeon come to mind. Artwork far exceeds what one usually gets for a free product, and that simply speaks to the quality of SGG's even their free product oozes awesome. Same format and style we all know and love, landscape with 3 columns, 5 pages this time with the cover/intro – do not skip over this, it doesn't have the traditional words that are usually here, lol, the OGL and an ad for DungeonaDay. So, two pages for the goodies, let's take a look.

Caged Fury aids in bull rushing in cramped quarters, while Corridor Combatant gives us mechanics for those wall bouncing stunt man moves we're seeing in every action movie out there. Delver's Saga is our feat for the bards – what? They might go in a megadungeon...if you put a boot on their back and kick them down a really long staircase...(insert evil laugh). delver's saga is an interesting twist on the inspire ability in that it is dependent upon how many levels the dungeon you are within has. Doorkicker lets you add your level to damage dealt in hp to an unattended inanimate object. Dungeon Stalker enhances the tracking class feature immensely in regards to identifying tracks within a dungeon setting. Earth Dragon gives you an additional caster level in determining CL for any spell associated with earth/rock/stone or the cold descriptor. Herald of Justice enhances your aura of courage ability to allow your allies to add the bonus to more checks.

Yeah, that's page one...there's an entire other page...but this PDF is free, and awesome for those looking to go into the deep dark dungeon for a stop reading this review, and go download the PDF...I mean it, seriously, I'm just going to tell you the end, ruin it for you, so you'll go away and get the PDF obvious 5 star rating, even if this wasn't a free product, I mean seriously...what Owen puts into a free product is easily worth paying go get it already.

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Megadungeon Delver's Player Options
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