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High Space Core Rules Beta $0.00
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by neil h. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/10/2012 11:02:48
Over all i think this has a lot of promise. over all i like the look and the way things are done.

the ship building rules are cool. The take a complex thing and turn it into a pretty easy task that you can have some fun with. needs to be expanded a little and some, but over all very nice.

I just had one huge problem with the rules. I understand this is "Space Opera" with things happening on a huge scale but I think parts of the space combat system took this way to far. We have a game mat that is 1000 meters per inch. Okay, not a bad scale to work with, easy to understand. We also have AUs... OOOkay. The range of my x ray laser is.... C or M which is 0 to 12 AUs. Okay, yeah, Once again I do understand this is space opera but 12 AUs? I can shoot a laser over 1 billion miles into space and hit something that is moving with a laser that will take over 1 1/2 hours to get there, if it gets there. No, sorry, you lost me on that one. I think i will be tossing out the whole range thing and house ruling that one. I guessing something based on quality or computer.

by the way, love the quality attribute for space ships.

okay, back to my original point. good shot at a set of sci fi rules. going in the right direction and worth a look. (just dump the range thing)

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High Space Core Rules Beta
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