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Techbook: Chrome
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Publisher: Terra-Sol Games LLC
by Mysterious B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/10/2012 17:48:23

In some ways, that this represents a superior book for Mongoose Traveller, it is hoped that it can get into dead tree soon (reminding you that Mongoose Traveller is not your Granddaddy’s Traveller – although, the Mongoose Cybernetics supplement allows one to play in their Dad’s game). This is a fresh, innovative and truly remarkable take on cybernetics that is thoroughly modern yet grounded in Space Opera. It also seems that Terra Sol is outgrowing the Traveller incubator and developing into a new game in its own right. (If your game is more Hard SF then just appropriate the parts you need or rely on the already excellent book that Mongoose put out as the motto of Terra Sol Games is Space Opera to the power of 10 – this supplement lives up to that slogan. Buy this book, if your game is Space Opera in need of modernization. Do not buy this book, if you content to slough through the Golden Age classics. But, you will not know what you are missing.

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Techbook: Chrome
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