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High Space Core Rules Beta $0.00
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Mike G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/19/2012 14:14:57

Putting out something that says "beta" implies they're in the final stages of something, and I presumed the people who put High Space were almost done. There are some good ideas and interesting concepts in this book, but there's a lot of problems stemming from the sheer lack of content. It goes from generic character and alien creation (which I rather liked) and then it's onto glands and stuff. Where are the cybernetics? Where are the robots?

The Starship section, again, starts off interesting, but then the lack of content is the elephant in the room. Further, in building starships, you're left wondering about what some stats mean. For example - what does a d6 in a ship's Quality trait really mean? Compared with what? How fast, precisely, is an FTL of d4? (Actually, I ran the numbers, compared it to Star Trek's updated Warp Factor scale - the NX-01 Enterprise cannot have a full d4 in FTL, because Warp 5 comes in shy of that). Further, if the idea of High Space is to give an analog to Star Trek, Star Wars, and other games, then as written it's almost impossible to make analogs to the ships of those shows. A Constitution Class starship, for instance, has Shields and Deflectors, which are not mentioned in this book, not to mention a huge Shuttle-Bay that supports six shuttle-craft (more than a 1 Displacement vehicle, whatever that means - the book doesn't say) and has the space to support six more. Tack on all the details of this ship (Transporters, cargo bays, multiple docking ports, weapons, guest accommodations, etc.) and you've got a ship that it seems that no matter what level the PCs are, they'll never have the Acquisition Points necessary to be in charge of one.

High Space Beta should've been called Alpha. There are good ideas in here, but it's not nearly complete. It needs a lot more. A lot more.

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