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Ultimate Dice Tower 2 $7.75 $3.88
Publisher: Fat Dragon Games
by Bruce L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/22/2012 10:45:42

To be honest, I have not completed construction of this dice tower, as of this writing... This thing is gorgeous, but it is very complex! The complexity is the killer, It is comprised of a great many, very complex cut, pieces, which is why it has not been finished. The dragon figure is really beautiful, but it is made up of so many pieces. The idea of cutting the parts out with an X-acto knife and a metal ruler, were very quickly abandoned -- the cuts are too difficult, and complex, to use that approach. After switching to using scissors, it was still proving to be hard on the hands to make so many, small, and difficult cuts.

To be fair, this piece will be stunning, when finished. If you don't mind really complex paper models, go for it! If you don't enjoy complex paper models, with loads of small, difficult to cut out pieces, then avoid this model. It is a remarkable model when finished, and it will look incredible on your gaming table, but it will take a lot of work to produce it. Not for the faint of heart in paper modeling. Cheers!

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Ultimate Dice Tower 2
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