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Shadowrun: Mission: 04-09: Assassin Nation $3.95
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
by Adrian S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 09/27/2012 22:08:52

‘Assassin Nation’ continues the fine season of Shadowrun Missions and manages to offer something new, exciting and engaging (as the season is winding up). The metaplot for the season has focused on the passing of a Bill to create a new district in Seattle – the Ork Undergorund. Obviously this is not as cut-and-dried as a zoning permit, and every man, metahuman, and corporation has a stake (and something to lose) either way the Bill falls.

As real progress is being made, the runners are hired for a simple job. Good money, short job, easy pickings. Null sheen, what could possibly go wrong?

I won’t go into details as a lot of the plot does rely on a lack of spoilers; but the module offers treachery and betrayal, break and enter, investigation and detection and some serious consequences for the team if it all goes wrong, or they make bad choices. The main advice I’d give any group is to try and keep thinking a few steps ahead – the scenes are mostly written to be played at a brisk pace, so the chance of ‘acting in the moment’ is quite high. This will lead to a lot of ‘roleplaying challenges’ and will affect the outcome of the scenario drastically if they stack up.

A lot of old characters return, with plenty of opportunities to develop those relationships which players of the previous episodes in this season will have come to rely upon. It also introduces a brand new, and interesting, villain who I hope will appear in later modules.

The writing is uniformly good, the layout lends itself to quick reference and my ‘fast and loose’ style of GMing, although the number of typographical errors have multiplied, which do detract from the reading enjoyment. It would be nice to see these fixed and new, higher quality (in terms of editing) version released soon.

That said, this product is well worth the $3.95 pricetag. Catalyst have been very canny about the price point and this is – by far – the best value for money product the company produces. I have mixed feelings about this season now – whilst the direction of this module has me excited, I’ll be sorry to see such a great season come to a close.

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Shadowrun: Mission: 04-09: Assassin Nation
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