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Publisher: Mongoose
by Rollme S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/02/2012 21:33:39

Legend is a fun, general, high-fantasy system with a lot of versatility in character creation, though (IMHO) it also has a few weaknesses. I started gaming on D&D 3e and play mostly 3.5 and Pathfinder now, but we're getting tired of the edition wars and are branching out to new systems. I never played Runequest, and it looks like most of the reviews are from old runequest fans, so I'll try to make a few points that might be useful to someone considering trying Legend after a DnD game. As a substitute for the d20 fantasy system, Legend has a lot to offer. Most of the attributes are familiar, with Power replacing Wisdom (rather nicely) and Size being (thankfully) put on par with other stats. I like the fact that size and strength both contribute to a weapon damage modifier, and that size determines more than just what kind of weapon/armor you use. The skill system is awesome, basing most skills off of two abilities (dance off of charisma and dexterity, for example). The basic mechanic takes some getting used to in that usually a low roll is good, unless it's an opposed roll, in which case the higher the better. Calculating target percentages and numbers seems to take longer than finding a DC in DnD, but that may just be our lack of experience. Other than that, the system seems like it plays pretty well. The are no character levels, so character advancement is more customizable, but also requires more planning. While I like the magic system and using points to cast spells rather than having spell slots (3.5 players who are familiar with Unearthed Arcana variant casting rules should easily adjust to this...UA might have even borrowed that variant from the original Runequest for all I know), I'm not a huge fan of the "every character has magic" build. Even Pathfinder, with its "cantrips and orisons never run out," has classes ("professions" in Legend) with no magic. Legend seems to be little bit higher high fantasy in that magic is more pervasive, but if you like that idea for a world, give it a shot.

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