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21 Plots III $0.00
Publisher: Gypsy Knights Games
by Mysterious B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/15/2012 16:38:27

Adventure seeds that give the 1D6 range of possibilities gives the Referee who is pressed to insert an encounter while busy preparing the main adventure for the game the following session are always handy. GKG has come up with 21 more seeds for the Referee to use with or just change the data to suit either a 3I or Home Brew campaign. The only thing that this is missing, as the plots series seem to be growing is an index (and better yet a cross index with previous offerings) of Who (Patron types), Where (locales), What (job, as described entailed) and WTF (what the job may actually be). However, I am given to understand that the publisher might be incorporating this idea at a future date. So, kudos again for GKGs for coming up with a believable and enjoyable set of adventure hooks that do not deal ultimate MacGuffins or recycle old Science Fiction tropes from familiar movies or TV shows. Looking forward to the ultimate assembled volume when it will be 21 to the power of 21 plots...

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21 Plots III
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