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Villainous Pirates $5.99
Publisher: Raging Swan Press
by Rollme S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/22/2012 17:51:04

This is an awesome resource for a GM running a pirate game, or even just for a bunch of NPCs to populate a dockside tavern with. There are full npc write ups including stat blocks for about 40 characters and creatures. The first chapter covers a bunch of lower level "pirates" or, more generally, sailors (I wouldn't consider some, like the cassian angel, to be true pirates) suitable as rivals, allies, or hired hands (which makes me glad that not all of them are evil pirates). This last one is particularly good for if the players get a ship and want to hire a captain or recruit one with Leadership. These first 29 NPCs of CR 3-7 are awesome overall, and are very creative from both a background and a character/monster design perspective. There's everything from classic humans, goblins, and half-orcs to more exotic sirens, xill, and even a cloaker that imitates the ships sail (a note on the cloaker, if you use it you will want to drop its AC by 2 or make its full plate mithral, since the max Dex bonus to AC is exceeded by 2 for regular full plate). I had one issue with the advanced young girallon because the advanced template does not normally add +4 Int to int scores of 1 or 2, but the writing is cool and the concept is so much fun I'm tempted to include her regardless. The second chapter/section is higher CR (9-13) pirates that seem to be designed as plot hooks and story drivers in home brew campaigns like ours. In a few levels if the party hasn't sold their ship and moved on to other shenanigans I am curious to see how the paladin deals with the moral conflicts that could arise from the treat barbarian (who serves as a mast on his ship, awesome imagery) seeking vengeance on those who cut down forests. There are some great characters in here and I look forward to running more of them!

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Creator Reply:
Thanks very much for reviewing this - and So What's The Pirate Ship Like, Anyway? I much appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed them!
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Villainous Pirates
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