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Feats of Leadership $1.50
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 10/25/2012 11:38:08

Hmm. I don't really care for landscape PDFs, they tend to default to one page per screen and are usually then too small to read comfortably. Anyway, so is it worth a closer look...

"No fuff" was the promise, and that is what you get... fortunately, it is good and crunchy. The theme is 'Leadership' (the title does rather give it away) and all ten feats herein require possession of the Leadership feat as a prerequisite. For those characters wishing to take leadership seriously and develop their talents in this area, there are some interesting ideas here, suggesting different ways in which leadership potential can be honed to good effect.

The ones you'll pick depend on how you want to use your leadership abilities. Some, like Authoratative or Incite Defiance, empower your followers to stand up to what might seem overwhelming opposition, did they not have you to follow. Competent Cohort and Team Spirit improve their performance as they do your bidding, whilst Great Orator embodies genuine leadership skills as your words can inspire your followers. If things go wrong, Righteous Cause can rally your people when one of them has paid the ultimate price for following you... but it doesn't work if used too frequently! If you lead with a firm hand, Instil Obedience or Rule of Might (particularly useful if your Strength is greater than your Charisma) may come in handy.

If leading followers is important, these are worth a look. Each, like most feats, gives some small mechanical advantage, but more interestingly, they give scope for you to develop your leadership in whatever direction takes your fancy, stamping your own style on the way in which you lead.

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Feats of Leadership
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