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ImagiNation Pay What You Want
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Malin F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/02/2012 13:56:45

Forget the occasional grammatical error, ignore the fact that your min-maxing computer-gaming players will only abuse the system - this is a wonderful thing.

The average reader can read the full text in two hours or under. The plot-line is instantly understandable and fun.

The rules are perfect for new people (simple) but different and innovative enough for old players to take an interest. Each character chooses 5 Adjectives, though some can be doubled up (very brave, strong, cunning, dexterous) - so you will basically choose your own set of Attributes. You then get 3 Profession points (e.g. Novice marksman and Professional painter). For each situation, you add every single adjective which applies, add 1D6 and that's your score. So if this character is trying to concoct a plan to assassinate someone, sie adds Marksman and cunning for a total of 2, then add 1D6. The enemy resists in the same way.

Seriously -that's almost the entire system. Genius.

The plot concerns a strange phenomenon which has come over all of Britain - peoples dreams and nightmares have become real. The people have mostly gone to sleep to dream. The only ones who can dream lucidly are the mentally infirm - the extremely stupid or the relatively insane. Enter the characters - they are the creative and insane of Britain, and they are the only ones who can safely enter the country. And the only ones who can consciously dream and make changes to the reality around them by controlling their dreams. Picture them - a group of slightly unhinged artists, working for the government, armed to the teeth, wandering through a fantasy landscape overlaying a broken country and trying to complete a dangerous mission among strange creatures.

Stories can be easily written as a series of scenes with basic descriptions, enemies can be thrown in and made-up on the spot and there are a few examples to get you going. There are dozen of plot-hooks and details provided.

This book is could easily be used for a full Chronicle, can be started with minimal effort and is definitely the best introduction for new players to RPGs which I've ever seen and looks really fun.

[4 of 5 Stars!]
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