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BareBones Fantasy Role Playing Game $9.99
Publisher: DwD Studios
by Jeremy W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/02/2012 21:42:51

A good painter will get the forms right, use color appropriately and compose the image with skill. The master knows what NOT to add and when the work is done!

DwD Studios shows a masterful approach to game design by providing the necessary framework to allow a busy GM to immediately launch a campaign while leaving enough "white space" to allow them to mold the system to meet their needs. The mechanics of this game are easy to tweak, remove, or completely replace without having to rework numerous interdependent systems to keep things balanced. The game, in a refreshing move, puts the GM back into center frame and in doing so ensures that the rules are always just right in every situation. If a player tries something the GM deems improbable a quick -40 to the die roll allows the player to try what they want, the GM to moderate the story, and most importantly keeps the game from grinding to a halt as half the table goes for the rule book while the other half goes to grab snacks.

I first stumbled across DwD due to their excellent Star Frontiersman magazine, a product which they have been making as a labor of love for a number of years, I stayed with them because of their humility, inclusiveness, and selfless support of others. They are dedicated to making fun games and helping people get involved in the game design community.

BareBones Fantasy is my goto system and I don't see that changing any time soon.

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BareBones Fantasy Role Playing Game
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