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Feats of Marksmanship $1.50
Publisher: Fat Goblin Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/05/2012 05:55:35

This product consists of ten feats that all in some way serve to hone your marksmanship skills. 'Marksmanship' is treated quite widely - it's not just ranged combat with a bow, there are feats for gunslingers, people who like to throw things and even spell-casters with ranged spells.

The first feat is a neat one for archers, Arced Shots, enabling them to shoot accurately in an arc, rather than directly at the target. Consider ballistics, and the advantages of a howizer or mortar, being able to arch over an obstacle and hit opponents hiding behind it. Archers may also appreciate Easy Draw which allows them to draw a bow without the need for having both hands completely free and Piercing Shot, which confers added bonuses against armoured opponents (or those with a thick hide) provided you are using a composite bow.

Gunslingers may choose Hair Trigger which confers an initiative bonus due, it is said, to the calming feeling that the true gunsel feels with his weapon in his hand. Another feat, Reach for the Sky, lets them intimidate opponents with that ominous click of a firearm being cocked!

Spellcasters are able, through the use of the Rayslinger feat, to cast any 'Ray' spell (indeed, anything requiring a ranged touch attack) defensively, guarding themseves against attacks of opportunity triggered by their attack.

The feat Heaving Throw empowers a mighty two-handed hurl of any weapon beyond your normal range: this is a matter of technique rather than strength.

The other feats are more general and can be taken by anyone who uses a ranged weapon. Marksman's Eye gives a bonus to Perception checks at a distance, and Sniper's Shot enhances the Deadly Aim feat (a prerequisite) provided your target is not aware of you. Finally, Shootist's Showmanship involves flashy moves as you draw or put away your weapon - here described as being a firearm or crossbow, but it's likely you could talk your GM into allowing it for any weapon that is drawn or sheathed/holstered.

Depending on your weapon of choice and how you like to use it, there are some interesting options here.

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Feats of Marksmanship
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