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True Naming: A supplement of magic, language, and power [PFRPG] $3.00
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by Dennis S. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/15/2012 21:32:16

True Naming is pretty well known as one of D&D 3.5's many, many subsystems that was far more flavorful than it was functional, but Lee's Lists has managed to wrangle both the flavor and the mechanics into a cohesive and evocative (and dare I say it, verisimilitudinous) whole. More adaptable and more playable than the Truenaming mechanics of old, the system introduced in this 20 page PDF is packed with content. Of notable utility are the designer notes and the campaign guidelines so you can tailor True Naming to fit the exact narrative niche you want in your campaign world.

Naming can be performed by anyone, theoretically, but there is an included Namer class explicitly focused on Naming, if you wish to make it more exclusive, or for players who want to adapt to it. Using a special skill, players can stack a balanced array of powers into one utterance, which determines a DC that is then rolled against to affect the enemy. True Naming also functions based on the HP of the enemy – an enemy with too much HP will be unaffected by Naming, so it requires some effort on the part of the Namer and his or her allies to inflict the necessary damage to then strike down enemies. The HP threshold is very reasonable, however, and allows True Naming to have a lot of utility.

The system is expansive enough to be interesting but simple enough to be approachable, and is definitely worth a look for Pathfinder fans.

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True Naming: A supplement of magic, language, and power [PFRPG]
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