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Gypsy $4.99
Publisher: Dreadfox Games
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer] Date Added: 11/16/2012 05:23:28

Beautifully presented, this take on the Gypsy as a character class draws on the archetype of the gypsy fortuneteller and embues those skills with mystical powers rather than the charlatan aspects so often associated with real-life fortunetellers.

Many of the abilities centre around a divination deck based on Tarot imagery, with the possesion of specific cards being associated with generating particular effects rather than the conventional concept of prediction of events... but this Gypsy can do that as well!

To empower the use of the divination deck in your game, simple rules and card templates are provided. Complete with decorative backs, the card templates allow you to note the range, area, duration and applicable saves of the effect associated with that card... but none of the pictures anyone who uses Tarot (or for that matter, the Pathfinder Harrow deck) is used to - these are more game mechanics orientated, but nice if you do not want to look up the associated effects for each card drawn or chosen, or memorise their meanings and associated rules.

This may work best as an NPC given that predictions are always a bit difficult to handle in a game, but it is a nice concept well presented.

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