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Camelot Cosmos: Player's Book $9.99
Publisher: Postmortem Studios
by Trey P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/24/2012 15:45:05

I bought this and the GM's book when it first came out and I want to like it so much. I mean, Arthurian space opera married to the FATE system. What could be wrong with that? Sadly, lots. First and foremost, the art could be much better, which is pretty sad given that there is lots of decent fantasy clip art available on rpgnow. Second, this is a .pdf product that does not have a navigable table of contents or bookmarks for the major topic headers. Third, layout could be much better. Fourth, the book is a (and the author comes across as) bit confused about the FATE system and seems to go out of its way to strip away a lot of the open ended aspects of the FATE system by severely limiting the aspects available in character creation, removing the stunts system (not even leaving behind something like Diaspora's build your own stunts). Combine this with an aim at the old school gaming (complete with dungeons to delve in (I kid you not)) and its a bit of a mess. Fifth, the Player's Guide makes reference to a lot of things called First Empire and not really addressed until you get to the GM's Guide. This material should have either been removed entirely, or left for the GM's Guide.

All in all, I want to like this more, but as it stands, it needs more work, from reorganization of the files to the author being more clear in what he's trying for.

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Camelot Cosmos: Player's Book
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