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The Generic Game Master's Helper Pay What You Want
Publisher: Prism Hobbies
by Joseph K. I. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/09/2012 16:25:14

In all, a generally useful suite of programs. They are a bit limited, and you might have to click the "generate" button a couple times to get something you can use at that moment, but each are useful for what they say.

Dice Roller - I prefer dice rollers that (1) showed the actual rolled numbers instead of only the sum, and (2) allowed multiple combinations to be rolled (like being able to roll 10 3d6 for character creation) with one click. This one only does one combination, and it only shows you the sum. I've seen better dice rollers, but this one isn't bad for a quick roll.

Random Weather - This is a very useful function to add color to your descriptions without a lot of work.

Random Names - Most of the names it generated for me are nigh unpronounceable. It's not very useful in its current form.

Random Business Names - Each category has its own formula (for example, the "Taverns and Inns" category, follows the "The [adjective] [noun]" formula), which may detract somewhat if you care that much about the names. For someone like me who has a lot of trouble making names up on the fly, it's a godsend.

NPC Traits - The descriptions get a little outlandish sometimes, but if you keep clicking you'll found something you can use in short order.

Random Treasure - This would be useful for a standard D&D or similar game, but that's about it.

Random Side Encounters - Some will add flavor. Some will make good adventure hooks. Some will be really odd.

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The Generic Game Master's Helper
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