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Seeds: Horror $1.76 $1.32
Publisher: Expeditious Retreat Press
by Marsha W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/28/2005 00:00:00
I've written reviews on this site for the Seeds series before, so that should tell you that I certainly like them well enough to keep buying them. :)

Seeds: Horror is another useful tool for GMs looking for adventure/campaign ideas. I've never run a horror game before, so I bought this product hoping I could get some ideas for a one-shot adventure for Call of Cthulhu d20, or perhaps a mortals adventure for the new World of Darkness. I immediately saw the possibilities: you can take one idea and flesh it out into a one-, two-, or three-session adventure; you can take another idea and use it for a jumping-off point for a campaign; you can take still another idea, flesh it out, and use it for a PC or NPC's background; you can string ideas together for a campaign, or merge them together for a complex, epic adventure.

Remember that idea seeds presented in this product are exactly that: seeds. You have to plant them, water them, and nurture them in order to get the final product. If you can't take a basic concept like, "The PCs are invited to a Hallowe'en night seance in an allegedly haunted house; when they arrive late to the event, all of the other participants have vanished, and on the seance table is a tarot deck of nothing but Death cards"*, and nurture that into a full-blown one-shot, this product is not for you.

*That's not a seed from this product, by the way; it's an idea for one of my own adventures.

LIKED: Everything. Particularly good for the GM starting into the horror genre for the first time and looking for ideas. Very flexible: I saw ideas that are appropriate for everything from Call of Cthulhu to the New World of Darkness to All Flesh Must Be Eaten.

DISLIKED: Nothing.

QUALITY: Very Good

VALUE: Very Satisfied

[5 of 5 Stars!]
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Seeds: Horror
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