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Doctor Who - The Time Traveller's Companion
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Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Ian F. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2012 17:06:57

In my opinion, this is the best supporting supplement for any games system I’ve seen this year. The production qualities on this book are outstanding, from the writing, to the new game mechanics and the content. There is nothing in this book that is expendable or useless. It’s a feast.

It has all the material you could ever want from the new and classic series about Time Travel, Temporal Physics, Gallifrey and Time Lords. It’s packed with detailed rules, new traits and info for dealing with regeneration, Time Travel and creating Timelords, TARDISes and more. The new rules will greatly please those who wanted more crunch and while they expand the usual lighter rules, they don’t add any unnecessary complexity.

With this book you can: -Create Time Lords (Pre and Post Time War) from any of the chapters (Prydonians, Arcalians, Patrexes, etc.). Any Time Lords seen on the series (new and classic) can be created as well as other classes like the Shobogans or plebeians.

-Create a TARDIS. New traits and all sorts of TARDIS goodies are covered along with very detailed sheets for TARDIS operation. These will satisfy the most fervent of TARDIS fans who want to pilot one in the game. All TARDIS systems are covered with game mechanics for operation and damage.

Some really nice touches: It includes stats for Renegade Timelords such as The War Chief (The War Games), Morbius, Omega and two versions of the Master (dying 13th incarnation and the insane John Simm version). Even if you won’t be using these characters, they give excellent examples and benchmarks as a starting point for your own villains and supporting characters.

The Time War and the whole of Gallifreyan history is covered and there’s a section for creating Time War weapons of cosmic-levels of nastiness. These are suitably huge enough to provide seeds for epic adventures or campaigns.

The parts on Time Travel and Temporal physics also provide tons of campaign or plot seeds in themselves. Most (if not all) of the stuff and devices from the classic and new series are covered in great detail with game mechanics for Time Loops, Chronic Hysteresis and lots more. ‘Expert Cards’ are also provided for a GM to give to Time Lord players with all the pertinent info on them. If you want to put someone or some thing in a Time Loop on the fly, this will tell you how to do it, the difficulty, how many Story Points it will cost and so on. In short, this section will let you do Time Lord magic.

This book is going to greatly expand your creative powers as a GM, as a player of a Time Lord and really enhance your game and inspire you with tons of plot ideas.

An essential buy.

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Doctor Who - The Time Traveller's Companion
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