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Settlers of the Dead
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Promethean: The Created
$14.99 $10.04
Publisher: White Wolf
by William S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/04/2013 22:59:00

I purchased both the original book used from a third party seller and this print on demand from drive-thru rpg. The content of the book itself (both versions) is great and many reviewers have said it better than myself so I'll leave you to read those reviews. This review deals with the quality of the print on demand as compared with the original.

I purchased the soft back version so I cannot really comment to the sturdiness of this version compared to original hardback. The softback is about as sturdy as a softback can get. The spine is sturdy and strong. The pages are well secured, do not appear to be in danger of falling out and the glue used to secure the pages appears to be of high quality. Given that, I have no complaints and feel I got what I paid for.

As to the quality of the print; of course there is the obligatory blank space around the edges and I received fair warning about its existence so I was not surprised or unhappy about it being there.

I did notice that the front cover artwork actually appeared MORE vibrant than the original. The original seemed to be printed on a hard back with a grey-silverish sheen, this was printed on white so that may explain the difference. The internal print was easy to read and did not appear to suffer from being scanned. However, the artwork, which was originally done in a purple-ish blue ink is now black and white and seems to have suffered a bit, but it is far from intolerable so I can deal with it.

As said before, I purchased both the original and this. The original cost me about $60 in considerably used condition. I bought it because I'm one of those types the MUST own the original if I can secure a copy. However, many people simply will not pony up $60 for a well used copy and certainly won't be wanting to pay a hundred or more for a new-ish copy so the print on demand fills a nice gap there with the hard back being around $35 (much cheaper). Secondly, by purchasing this version, your money goes to White Wolf who, in my opinion, deserve it. It's a great game and drive thru rpg provides a great service by making it available at an affordable price. I will be purchasing again.

Thank you WW and DTRPG. -Bill

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Promethean: The Created
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