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200 Character Goals for Rapture $3.50 $1.99
Publisher: StoryWeaver
by Carl P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/16/2013 00:33:37

Character creation for 'Rapture: The End of Days' is, by necessity, quick. The one part that slows things down a little and requires the most on-the-fly creativity for characters are a set of goals you have to give your character. These goals are divided into Personal, Redemption, Factional and Political. For new players especially, it can be hard to think of these goals. I guess the guys at StoryWeaver noticed this because they came up with an answer: '200 Character Goals'.

Talk about a name that speaks for itself. The goals in the '200 Character Goals' supplement are divided into fifty personal goals, fifty redemption goals, fifty factional goals with three to five goals per faction and fifty political goals similarly divided between the eighteen political alliances you can have. The book is a black and white .PDF and much like the 'Player's guide', it's designed to not just look good but be printer friendly. This is a supplement that really speaks for itself and it's so simple but it can so easily become a necessary part of your Rapture gaming. Character creation needs to be quick and if you're struggling to think as quick as you need to in the middle of the game, this book has got you covered. In addition to speeding up character creation, '200 Character Goals' is also a source of insight into the different philosophical and political factions that dominate the 'Rapture' universe. How do these factions motivate people? What do these factions demand of their citizens or employees? '200 Character Goals' has a practical answer to these questions. I think the best thing I can say about '200 Character Goals' is that it is everything a supplement should be. Even though it's small and it isn't a necessary purchase, it's still been created with the kind of quality you expect from StoryWeaver. It recognises a potential weak point in the Rapture's game play and addresses it efficiently and quietly. Not everybody will need this book but it's great for players new to Rapture and I fully recommend it.

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200 Character Goals for Rapture
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